Is Fractional Marketing Right for You?

Hiring a fractional CMO means that you outsource the duties of your Chief Marketing Officer to an individual or external agency versus hiring a full-time Marketing Executive. Fractional Marketers are becoming increasingly popular. That’s because businesses are cautious about the expense of hiring a full-time experienced, executive-level marketer. Engaging an experienced fractional Marketing Executive can be a dramatic growth accelerator for your business. And in this article, we will help you answer the question, “Is fractional marketing right for you?”

Four Questions Can Help You Decide

1. Can you afford an experienced executive-level FTE?

Salaries for an experienced Chief Marketing Officer salaries begin at around $100,000. Then add another 40 percent up with a traditional benefits package. A fractional CMO has senior-level marketing experience, but you only pay them when they are performing a service. You get their knowledge or expertise but pay for exactly the work you need and no more.

2. Is time a critical variable to your success?

Identifying and hiring the right CMO can take a long time. Conversely, a fractional CMO can be hired quickly, and will hit the ground running to deliver immediate value. 

3. Are you ready to delegate execution of your marketing?

As the CEO do you lack the time to effectively manage your marketing or need someone with the right expertise to achieve your marketing goals?  A fractional CMO with knowledge about the latest marketing technologies, tools, trends, and strategies can save you time and money by using their experience to move faster and achieve your marketing objectives.

4. Are you planning to launch a new brand, product, or service?

If so, a fractional CMO can lay the right marketing foundation for your success. Their depth of experience can prevent costly mistakes and ensure your brand is positioned correctly from the start.

The Marketing Director on Call Difference

If fractional marketing is right for you contact Marketing Director on Call. MDOC is a boutique fractional marketing services firm based in Tampa. Marketing Director on Call is unique because the principals of the agency work directly on each account. From start to finish they oversee the strategy, services, and results to ensure the successful execution of each project. To learn more about fractional marketing, call us. We look forward to illuminating your company’s differences and growing your revenue.