Your Personal Brand is more important than ever.  Yet, if overlooked by busy professionals, a personal brand can do more harm and good. That’s because everyone has a personal brand.  You define it by the actions you take in both your personal and professional lives.  Additionally, many people put their brand on display on their social media pages.  If managed poorly, your personal brand can cost you in many ways. You could miss opportunities to build strong, deep relationships with influential people. The lack of a strong personal brand, or worse, a bad personal brand, will harm your relationships at work.  You could even be passed up for a promotion or a new job.  Crafting a strong personal brand based on your strengths, interests, and authenticity, then properly promoting your brand can benefit every aspect of your life. To find out why top professionals focus on their personal brand.

Relationships and Social Opportunities

A strong personal brand plays a big role in the personal relationships you make.  The stronger the brand, the more opportunities you will get to meet new people and build strong relationships.  Active people make new acquaintances regularly.  When people meet someone new, they often check out that person’s digital footprint.  They use search engines and social media platforms to learn more about them and often decide on whether or not to pursue a closer relationship based on the results. A strong personal brand showcasing distinction and authenticity will draw people in. It can quickly establish a connection based on shared interests and experiences. Additionally, a strong brand can be the basis for more introductions from within your current network and newfound friends.

A strong personal brand can also help with access to civic and social clubs. And once you’re in the club, your brand can make it easier to meet other members and develop strong bonds with them.  From there, the opportunities to build a bigger social network and stronger relationships are endless.  The depth and breadth of personal connections is the strongest indicator of long-term health and happiness.  And a strong brand can help create relationships that keep you happy and healthy for a lifetime.

Leadership and Career Trajectory. 

A strong personal brand is vital to leadership, and having a strong personal brand can help you consistently put your best foot forward.  Good leaders create loyalty within an organization. Therefore, for people with a personal brand filled with characteristics of a good leader, the odds are good for a positive career path.  If you manage people who recognize and respect your brand, you will motivate them to perform at their best.  This is especially true if you back up your brand through action.

According to Ladders, in our constantly evolving job market, changing jobs every 3-4 years has become the norm.  That means most of us will be looking for a new job soon.  Since 90% of employers consider an applicant’s social media activity during the hiring process, your personal brand is your ticket beyond your resume to land your next gig. That’s why it’s so important to cultivate a strong personal brand and showcase it on your social media platforms. If done correctly, you will have an advantage over competing applicants who fill their social media platforms with photos of college reunions and vacations in Cabo.     

A group of top professionals who focus on their personal brand wait for a job interview.
When interviewing for a job, a strong personal brand can help you rise about the competition.

These Top Professionals Focus on their Personal Brand

Dwayne Johnson—The Motivator.  Everything presented to the public about “the Rock” is positive and motivating.  From his posts on social media to the interviews he grants, Dwayne Johnson expertly weaves motivational messages with personal stories and self-deprecating humor.  Everyone can relate to him in some way.  His brand is all about motivating others and showing the path to success.

Oprah Winfrey—Empowerment.  Oprah is the queen of personal branding, and she builds her brand around empowerment.  Through her television network, magazine, and interviews, she shows everyone how to build their best life.  She is so popular that you only need to type three letters into a Google search bar, O-P-R, to find her!

Gary Vaynerchuk—Straight Talking/Hard Working.   Gary builds his brand on hard work and the job process, but it’s his communication style that sets him apart. He is the antithesis of political correctness, says what’s needed in the moment, and doesn’t care about protecting people’s feelings. His millions of followers grow businesses based on his advice and appreciate his authenticity. He accepts no excuses and lets the adult language fly.

Marketing Director on Call Can Create a Personal Brand for You

Top professionals focus on their personal brand for social and career advancement.  If you haven’t considered your brand lately, you probably should.  You can improve every aspect of your life with a strong personal brand and a solid communications strategy to promote it. It’s never too late to get started, and the impact it will have can last a lifetime. 

Marketing Director on Call can help you craft, manage, and promote your personal brand.  MDOC is a boutique fractional marketing company based in Tampa, offering personal branding strategy and execution.  For a free consultation, contact Carolyn Eastman at Marketing Director on Call today.  

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