A Fractional Marketing Firm Designed to Grow Revenue for Today’s Entrepreneurs

Marketing Director on Call (MDOC) understands entrepreneurs and small business owners.  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are adept at recognizing their specific marketing challenges and creating solutions. We enjoy working with entrepreneurs because, like us, it’s in their DNA to see opportunities where others see obstacles.

Small businesses demand brands crafted to cut through the clutter, rise to the top and engage their audience in unique and authentic ways. Ongoing change in how the public consumes media, makes it harder than ever for those selling a product or service. With so many pieces to the puzzle, it’s hard and expensive to find one person who has the skills and expertise to put all the pieces in place. That’s where Fractional Marketing comes in.

The Benefits of Fractional Marketing

1. Reduced Marketing Costs

Because you are not paying for full-time in-house personnel, your costs are greatly reduced. For example, an experienced Marketing Director salary ranges from $100K to $200K depending on where you are. Add a social media expert and a designer to that at a cost of approximately $50K each, plus all the benefits, and you’ve got a hefty marketing staff budget – and that doesn’t include any hard costs for campaigns such as advertising. You get the same quality of work from a fractional team, but their work, and thus costs, are on a temporary, part-time contract basis. 

2. Always have the Right Size Team of Marketing Professionals

MDOC allows you full access to the marketing specialties you need and a Marketing Director who manages the projects, your single point of contact, for a fraction of the cost of a full in-house team. Instead of paying an individual salary of a marketing director, account coordinator, social media expert, SEO analyst and more, you get all of that expertise in a much smaller fractional marketing team with much less cost. 

3. Get Fresh, Unbiased Perspective

Bringing in an experienced marketer gives you an outside view from a professional trained to think from the customer’s perspective. It also brings to your table a whole host of techniques and ideas to get you where you want to go! 

Equally important, a good firm will take all its collective experience and tailor it to your particular goals and budget. Our work is always customized – your company and story is unique and so is our approach to every client.

The Marketing Director on Call Difference

We are a Tampa Bay-based marketing and communications firm specializing in Part-time CMO services tailored to meet your needs. To ensure quality at the highest level, we do not employ a revolving door of marketers with varying levels of expertise.  Our agency principals are the people who manage, strategize, and execute your marketing every step of the way. 

We can lead short-term specific marketing projects and communications problems or assume the complete role of your Marketing Department. Our clients are relieved to know they can focus on running and growing their business while we manage and implement their marketing strategies.

Learn more about us, and if we are a good fit to solve your unique communications challenges.


When you hire us you get us. That means focused dedication from principals with decades of experience in the craft of marketing communications. We will work directly on your strategy and project execution.

Hands-on Execution

Our principals function as point people. From start to finish, we fulfill and oversee core services ourselves. We only outsource specialized service needs. That means better control over and focus on your projects.

Feet to
the Fire

Every project starts with a custom strategy that sets goals and metrics for success. This keeps us focused on deliverables and what success means to you. That way, projects stay on track, on time, and on budget.

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