It All Starts with Strategy

We believe that change and challenge equal opportunity. Resilient businesses remain competitive because they can pivot and adjust to change.  Thriving businesses have a rock-solid point of difference and an integrated marketing strategy to communicate that difference.  

Effective marketing plans are research-based. They have tangible performance metrics based on goals and desired results. Our messaging is crafted to engage consumers and drive action. This is an example of a researched-based outcome.

How do we begin to craft your marketing strategy?  We begin by listening. We do a deep dive to understand your business and consumers. Then, as your part-time Marketing Director, we partner with you to understand your distinct culture and needs.

We identify what makes your brand unique. As a result, we tell your story with authenticity that resonates with new clients.

Later, we will work with you every step of the way, managing your marketing needs from strategy to execution. Our principals will be the ones directing and performing our work. As a result, we can guarantee there will be no surprises.

We understand your specific goals and budget. Therefore, we will tailor your marketing plan around them. Our work is always customized. Your company and your story are unique and so is our approach to your plan.

We begin with your Marketing Audit to:

  • Review your unique value proposition. How is it currently presented to your key audiences?
  • Research your digital footprint and all branding and promotional messaging. Is it focused and consistent?
  • Analyze your media visibility, social media strategy, and content. Are your content and strategy growing revenue?
  • Ensure your marketing strategy aligns with your vision. Is it designed to demonstrate your values, engage consumers, and promote brand loyalty?

Crafting your Strategic Marketing Plan

Taking our discoveries from your Marketing Audit, we begin developing your customized Marketing Plan.