Marketing Director on Call is. . .

A Leader in Fractional Marketing Services

Fractional Marketing is a relatively new term that means contract marketing services. It’s a way to get proven, expert professionals working for you, for a fraction of the cost of in-house personnel or a large agency with the overhead of many positions to fund.  MDOC allows you to quickly start up new marketing efforts without paying the price of a full-time CMO.

Committed to Hands-on, Bespoke Services

With MDOC what you see is what you get. When you hire us you get us, working directly on your projects. The buck stops here. We do most of the work ourselves and can pull in marketing professionals who specialize in niche serves as needed. That way we have all the resources of a completely staffed marketing department with full-service capabilities. But we always supervise everything and are 100% accountable to deliverables.

A Boutique Agency

We make the conscious decision to be a small marketing firm. That way we limit our distractions and hyper-focus on solving each clients’ unique communications challenges. We limit the types of business we serve based on our decades of experience. We are expert marketing directors with a collective 50 years of experience running marketing departments for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. So our clients get the benefit of our industry knowledge and experience from other companies in the same industry, who have already blazed a trail to success.

Business Verticals Served

  • Attorneys and Legal Firms
  • Physicians and Healthcare
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Cause Marketing
  • Advocacy
  • Technology

 “Marketing is the art of telling your story in a way that inspires people to act. It’s about creating an authentic connection and always keeping your brand promise.”

Carolyn Eastman

What could be exciting than working with Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Creative Visionaries?

 As a “professional storyteller,” I’m always curious to discover the story behind the success of each entrepreneur. Every business has a unique story to share, namely the spark of difference that ignites their brand. Illuminating that spark of difference to grow revenue is my specialty.

For 25 years I have led communications & marketing for global companies to boutique businesses. Today, I do what inspires my best work — supporting talented business owners.

Telling the story of your organization’s unique point of difference and engaging consumers in ways you have never done before is my niche. Bringing your brand’s “values to life” with strategy that inspires enduring client engagement is my passion.

With deep roots in the Tampa Bay community, I enjoy excellent relationships built from proven results with business and community leaders and local/ national media. Developing Strategic Partnerships that mutually benefit business and our community are a frequent component in my strategy for brand growth.

Industries for which I have lead MarCom include: Healthcare, Education, Beauty and Wellness, Legal, Nonprofit, Retail, Insurance, Financial Services, and the Arts to name a few.

 “A simple connection, at the right time, with the right message can spark brand loyalty beyond reason.”

Michael J. Mikuliza

I’ve spent three decades working in marketing communications in the Tampa Bay Area. From small advertising boutiques to national television and digital corporations to advertising agencies with a worldwide footprint, I’ve contributed to the success of clients large and small. Every company I’ve ever worked with wanted the same thing, to connect with consumers.

Connections happen in an instant. But the journey from awareness to trial and ultimate loyalty often takes a long time. With the right communications strategy, planning, and execution, “a long time” melts into moments, and businesses quickly connect with consumers. That’s what we do at Marketing Director on Call. We connect businesses with consumers, and we do it quickly.

I’m a lifelong resident of the Tampa Bay community. I know the communities that are woven into the rich tapestry of Tampa Bay. I’ve worked with business owners and executives from the beaches to the Bay. I’ve served on non-profit boards and have been part of civic organizations that focus on making life here better than ever.

My recent experience includes e-commerce website development and management, content creation, and connecting professionals to grow businesses and our community.